Other Authors

Revising Chronology sets out some guidelines that are common to all contributors to the site. These relate both to the methodology of the work and to a certain agreement on some fundamental issues of historical criticism. Many authors active in the field have their own views which, while also calling for a thorough revision of history, do not agree with the lines or methods of work advocated here.

Some of the most frequently cited contemporary authors who are not regular contributors to chronology criticism are:

Christoph Däppen (Switzerland) – connoisseur of Nostradamus and Nicolaus Cusanus.
Hermann Detering (Berlin) (†)- Theologian. Maintains the website Radikalkritik, which examines the history of Christianity.
Anatoly Fomenko – Russian mathematician, established the statistical method of chronological criticism.
Horst Friedrich (†)- natural scientist. Researched sea peoples and catastrophes.
Eugen Gabowitsch (†) – mathematician and computer scientist, spread Fomenko’s views in Germany.
Mischa Gabowitsch – sociologist, studied in Paris and currently works at Princeton University, USA.
Gernot L. Geise – publisher, editor of the journal Efodon-Synesis, which prints contributions critical of chronology.
Gunnar Heinsohn – sociologist, laid the foundation for the revision of the chronology of the Near East with the book “Die Sumerer gab es nicht” in 1988. Heinsohn died on 16 Feb 2023 in Gdansk.
Heribert Illig – philologist, editor of the journal “Zeitensprünge”. His most important thesis: 297 years were inserted in the Middle Ages.
Paul C. Martin (†) – Economist, expert on coin research.
Christoph Marx (Basel) (†)- Computer scientist. Researched the electromagnetic basis of earthly catastrophes.
Gert Meier (†) – Lawyer, writes on numerous topics in early history.
Zainab Angelika Müller (Berlin) – teacher, researches on the history of religion.
Hans-Ulrich Niemitz (†)- professor of technology. Together with C. Blöss he researched dating methods.
Andreas Otte, graduate computer scientist, maintains his own website on the electric universe
Thomas Riemer (†)- researched the Celtic redoubts in Central Europe.
Ulrich Voigt (Hamburg) – mathematician and expert on calendars, opponent of chronology criticism.
Clark Whelton (USA) – catastrophist who has left his model Velikovsky far behind.
Wolfram Zarnack (Göttingen) (†)- physicist, wrote on the history of religion under the aspects of the New Chronology.

For more notes on individual authors, see the page “who-is-who” and the Reading Room.