Revising Chronology

Revising Chronology is a website for scholarly research that challenges our commonly held chronological framework of history today. This criticism attempts to prove when this framework was created, what mistakes were made and where manipulation took place. Learn more.

We regularly publish essays on these topics. It is not only about dating; it also questions and analyzes time-honoured views of history that may be based on false foundations. Have a look at our reading room

Our website was first created in 2005 and since then has been revised and reformed several times, changing its aspect and structure. It includes contributions from different authors who do not necessarily share the same views, but rather often criticize each other and engage in lively debates. Most of them, however, adhere to a framework roughly outlined on our Headlines page or accept those ideas as a basis for the debate, even if they are not convinced by all of its aspects. 

See here a list of our Contributors and here a liste of Other authors, who have worked in the same field.

Who’s Who is a list of numerous authors who are either active in critical chronology research today, or have done preliminary work on similar subjects in the past. Some, even in past centuries, have already expressed radically different views about chronology than those accepted today, others have merely provided food for thought that pointed in the same direction.